Welcome To Blue Stone Properties

Blue Stone Properties, LLC is San Diego’s premier real estate solutions firm. With our dedication and loyalty we have been empowering homeowners and revitalizing the San Diego real estate market.

Blue Stone Properties deep database of knowledge and network of industry experts allow us to facilitate homeowners to reach their goals. We are confident in our reputation and dedication to each customer, and work one-on -one to tailor solutions to each individual situation.


Our Goal

Blue Stone Properties LLC acquires distressed homes in stable areas where strong buying demand is present. An essential byproduct of our business model is the improvement of the overall quality of living in both urban and suburban neighborhoods. In addition we are determined to improve the quality of life in our local San Diego communities

Blue Stone Properties LLC is committed to increasing the value of real estate in the San Diego region. We target distressed properties and breathe new life back into them with highly skilled and personally managed renovations and improvements.  In doing so we are able to revitalize beautiful living spaces and encourage home ownership.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.Tony Robbins